The Rise @ Chelliah Park City

The Rise @ Chelliah Park City project is located at Jalan S.P. Chelliah, Georgetown, Penang. Chelliah Park City project comprises 1900 units of affordable homes. There are 770 units of low-medium cost apartment (LMC) with built-up area of 700 sq.ft., 883 units of 800 sq.ft. apartment, 165 units of 900 sq.ft. apartment and 82 units of 1,000 sq.ft. apartment.

Property Project : The Rise @ Chelliah Park City
Location : Georgetown (Property for sale & rent in Georgetown)
Property Type : Apartment
Total Units : 1900
Built-up Area : 700 sq.ft. - 1,000 sq.ft.
Developer : Penang Development Corporation (PDC)

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  1. 770 units LMC in Penang island less Bumi Reserve units of 300++, remaining 300++ units are available for public.

    With over 19,000 applicants, chances of getting is very very slim

  2. After 308, PDC never build any LMC apartment in Penang. This is the first LMC project by state govt lead by Tokong CM Lim Kuan Im.

    On behalf of Penang property investors, BIG Thanks to Tokong CM for making & pushing the prices of Penang property sky high.

  3. Big thanks to BN Piggy & Doggy who make Malaysia to facing bankrupt, thanks for corruption, thanks for sex CD in Johor Hotel, thanks for privatized most of the goverment organisation to BN members & million of thanks for etc. Malaysia Boleh, because after 50 years only say Satu Malaysia!!!

  4. Big thanks to Hasan M.

    At least Chua resigned as minister, how abt Elizeberth Wong, announced resign lagi tarik balik. Qhat happen to Mr 916 video ??

    Big thanks to Mutiara land scandal

    Big thanks to Penang tunnel, another toll to be collected under pakatan govt.

    Big thanks to DAP to uphold Malaysian Malaysia, every race equal, no special rights to u

  5. Why Penang property prices increase so high as compared to other state ?

    What has State Government doing to control the properties prices in Penang ?????

    What has PDC doing sofar (other than selling lands to developers) ???

  6. satu m'sia,
    Central Government is the only 1 who has right to set the country law, so it's not too late to ask after Pakatan Rakyat become the new Central Government!

  7. U sound like state government has no power on housing matter.

    But KEDAH PAKATAN earlier wanted to increase bumi quota reserve from 30% to 50%.

    If FUCKATAN becomes federal govt, die lah

  8. in melaka,the bumiputra quota for residential homes is fixed at 60% while 35% is fixed for commercial lots.Any comments on it? satu m'sia?

  9. Wei way,

    where got 60% in melaka, u simply "taruk" one. show my where u got this info from ?

    In Penang CM Tokong Lim also reserve more than 40% of its LMC in S P Chelliah for bumi.

    DAP is also implementing system quota lah.

    Penang CM must be chinese, DCM1 malay, DCM2 indian, all appointment based on race and not based on merit,

  10. Hope State Govt don't further increase the cost to developer so that the selling price of developer will not be sky high

  11. PDC under Tokong Lim Kuan Im is useless, never build any LC or LMC flat since 2008, only keep on selling land to private developer.

    After 5 years, this is the first project b to build affordable house, PDC should build more LC & LMC. Stop selling land to private developer

  12. SLG,

    U R wrong, who said state govt has no power on housing matter ?

    u must be a blind pakatan followers

    All the shit, blame federal govt, all the credit belong to pakatan govt, hehe

  13. Hi Tokong Lim,

    Maybe you can't blame those blind pakatan supporters, when year in year out you have highly qualified students not getting university places that they deserve. Fairness and competency must be promoted at all levels. Without it, how do you expect the people to be competent? How do you expect them to have the right sense of fairness?

  14. itu Malaysia,

    looks lik eyou never go out from Penang and only stay in Penang......
    my fren say the JOhor prices even higher than Penang liao.....
    dont be katak dalam sarung......
    go out and see out of Penang......
    all property PG, KL , Johor all increase......
    only your salary not increasee.....

  15. Only those dumb a s s people will keep on trust the Barang Naik Promisessss which will never ever happen...Ooppss...Sorry my mistaken...They promised you Barang Naik...Everything Naik...Beside your salary...Mayb DAP/ Pakatan Rakyat is not that good yet...but at least they are trying and far far better than the Barang Naik Najis...

  16. Please advise how can I register this property if I am intereted for the purchase. Any number I can contact for register ?


  18. This is a property forum, but you retards make it like its a political forum. get a life.

  19. Big Thanks to DAP!!!! for making and pushing the Property price rocket sky high, Please think twice on next election. TOlak DAP

  20. PDC has right on its properties. Use it for LMC lah!! but I bet wont, because not profitable..

  21. I dunno.. Maybe those who only knows how to complain instead of learning the truth of how property prices are evaluated can't afford the houses in Penang, KL or Johor.
    Probably for the better since they only complain instead of actually asking the developer for the real story.
    I don't think anyone would want neighbors who complain all the time and nothing else.
    They forgot that before 2008, prices of house were ALSO increasing crazily.