Birch The Plaza

Birch The Plaza (Penang Times Square) perfectly located in the heart of Georgetown, along Jalan Dato Keramat. Birch The Plaza consists of 395 typical units and 22 units of duplexes. The built-up area range from 1,010 to 1,180 sq.ft. for typical units. It is scheduled to complete end of 2008.

Property Project : Birch The Plaza
Property Address : Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Penang
Location : Georgetown (Property for sale & rent in Georgetown)
Property Type : Condominium (Condo for sale & rent)
Tenure : Freehold
Total Units : 395
Units per Floor : 22
Built-up Area : 1,010 - 1,180
Developer : Ivory Properties Group


  1. Birch Plaza section!!! Finally here!!!

  2. Hi am interested on the 3 bedroom..any units left?

  3. 3 bedroom units, tht would be the corner one. Those were already sold out when I bought mine in June.

    But u can always partition off another room in any of the 1020sqft or 1050sqft units... I mean the area just beside the entrance.

    In fact the last time I went Ivory about 2 months back there's only a few units left. Those are units on lower floors and facing either the Phase 2 or Phase 3. All pool view units are sold out (I think)

  4. heard the unsold units from Ivory has been revised to about RM500k now!!! wah wah!!!

  5. to be exact RM500 persft

  6. Where can I get the details of this condo?

  7. This project is on hold now..

  8. rm500 per sq ft at this traffic jam area? not worth to invest. i better buy another project because the unit only came with 1 carpark
    and 2nd carpark have to rent from commercial area. not so sure lah this is what i heard from my freind

  9. Not worth it.I bought "The Uban Residence" condo for RM460K for a 1,946 sq ft (RM236 per sq ft) with 2 covered car parks & it's on a low density unit(58 only).Its located near where "The Sanctuary" project is.Quiet & upper class lookign area.Worthwhile.Check it out.

  10. The Uban Residence... anymore details or website... That's really a bargain.

    New doesn't mean better.

  11. did you know the story behind this luxury condo? last time it also a block of apartment before. but already demolish and now became the luxury uban residence. ha ha

  12. hi there

    I wud like to know more abt Uban residence..pref the owner can give some insight on it


  13. VP/keys obtained for residential units. OC expected lastest in Feb

  14. is there anyone intend to sell his/her unit? what is the selling price?

  15. Ivory only hav 8 units left... and all of them are priced at RM500k and above.

    Newspapers got advertise between 380K-420K. I've called up most of them, it's all NON-pool view.

    What's ur budget?

  16. So many people want to sell their unit. More sellers than buyers, price will drop.

  17. Location of Birch Plaza is good,Town centre, i checked out that the rental is 2,500 per month.quite good le...No harm invest here.Price i don't will friend just bought for 400k.

  18. Sharing from other forum about PTS.

  19. Hi all,

    There is seminar '"How to INSTANTLY Save more than RM100,000 for your Existing Housing Loans?" to be held in Penang, i am Birch Plaza resident and i will be going for this seminar, is there anyone interest? Please kindly email me in if you are keen to know how to save the loan. Thanks.

  20. Anyone know what is the assessment fee for the 1050sf unit, since this is considered a service apartment (commercial property)?

    Also, any of the buyer here manage to get the utility companies (Tenaga, Telekom and PBA) and to convert the charges to residential rate instead of commercial rate?


  21. Can anyone staying in Birch Plaza honestly tell us what happen there?
    Yesterday newspaper, a unit of 1020sq feet, auction RM300K !! I thought the purchaser should have no problem selling the unit if unable to service the mortgage?
    Is it true the car park design is really problematic? Is it true that if you drive to the car park, you have to corner many many times?

  22. Do you all know that this Ivory project is a lousy project ?
    1. Air-con points without piping. How much you have to pay to your contractor for hacking the wall and plastering back ? Its RM500.00 for each air-con installation.

    2. They are hiring total 7 security guards. Is it worth for the residents to pay to so many security guards ? From what I see, 4 guards is already enough. Why must we pay high maintenence fees ? RM0.20 per sf.

    3. Extra access card is RM80.00 per card. The cost of the card is only RM10.00 so plus the admin fees, why we have to pay so much. The fair price is RM35.00 per card.

    4. For a small unit of 1050 sq ft, each floor Ivory charges Rm2k per floor. Is it worth that much ?

    5. Deposit of RM3k for renovation and RM350 is not refundable if you hack your unit wall. No air con piping, where are we going to hide our air con pipes. Unreasonable.

    6. There are also too many staff work in management office. Who pay for their salary ? Its taken from our maintenance fees. At the end when JMB is formed, you will never see any money left behind. We have to get away extra staff and security guards in order to secure management funds.

    7. A property is worth because of the visitor carparks. This condo has 42 visitor carparks but the management refuse residents' visitors to use. Do you know why ? Its because they want to earn little money from carparking at 4a and 4b. A good developer does not look at this small money. Once they completed their project, they earn more than RM 100k for each unit.

    8. Investers will never buy again from Ivory because they will understand how the reputation is this developer.

    9. Do anyone know when is the AGM - JMC date ? Residents, wake up, ask Ivory to give us proper account how much they spend during the first year they manage this property. Do allow them to cheat us !

  23. Anglo, are you one of the resident in Birch Plaza? Sounds interesting on your facts.

  24. Hi James, I am really regret that I owned this Birch Plaza units. I bought as investment and this is the most lousiest project I owned. Good developers like Mah Sin, SP Setia, IJM projects are worth to invest.

    I tell to my friends that Ivory projects are not worth to invest and they told me the same answer.

  25. OMG Am so sorry to hear that. Any wat to contact you? thank

  26. anyone knows good id for birch?

  27. Hi James, let me have your contact, I will call you.

    There are many ID in Penang. Its not difficult to get one. Where are you from ?

  28. Anglo,

    write to MPPP to assist for AGM. Make sure 25% house owner to attend the AGM. Then you can ask to review the mainteenance fees to RM0.10 or even RM0.05 per sf if everything can cover.


  29. Jolin,

    Thank you for the information. Anglo, this is a good move. Why not consider? Who knows it will worked. :) cheers...

  30. James, Jolin,
    I met COB yesterday at 12th Floor Komtar. Developer has to call for AGM-JMB after one year OC had issued. Residents are advised to get full details account from developer and make sure that this Ivory does not cheat our residents. Any amendment for house rules can go later in EGM.

  31. can someone ask COB to push for AGM as soon as possible ??

  32. Jolin,
    According to the Building of Common Property Act (BOC), developer must call for AGM - JMB within 12 months after OC issued. If this Ivory did not does it, he will be fine for few thousand ringgit. You can get this law book at Popular.

  33. Why is that no expenditure account by this Ivory Developer since Oc had been issued in Feb 2009 ? I am afraid our management funds had gone without proper detail account.

  34. Well, I'd been to Times Square, and it's not that bad after all from all the reviews that I'd read. Think those are just minor issues compare to the overall picture.

    Why do i say that are based of these facts:

    1) Convenience - you can get all under one roof. Restaurant, cafe, night market, hyperstore..etc

    2) Unesco site - where can you find a place to live in that is right in the middle of a Unesco site ? Think Times Square would be the last apartment/condo that will be built within the vicinity of the heritage site.

    3) True Penang living - You can go to kopitiam, mamak, komtar, prangin mall (and soon 1st avenue) all in a walking distance. With the current effort by state government to revive Georgetown, it would be soon a vibrant city and it would be definitely fun and lively place to stay in.

    Any thoughts?

  35. Kok Ting, Anglo, James,....

    pl e-mail

    regarding .... JMB ..v need to move fw


  36. Time Square Penang is definitely a very ideal place to live at,especailly with Maybank and sunshine supermarket within the building,and more to come as it matures with time. You find all the things you need within walking distance. This means you don't need a car if you don't mind walking no more than 1km to get the normal daily necessities such as food, banking, shopping, healthcare etc,etc. Just to walk around and explore the heritage sites in George Town is an endless past time.

  37. Good News JMB formation 5th Sep 2010 (Sunday), : 10:30 am. (Registration 9:30 am)

  38. About the JMB meeting which is in less than 2 weeks time,i.e.5th Sept, how come I still have not received any notice? Just wonder how many residence know about it!


  40. Where to get the auction unit in penang!
    Many thanks.

  41. JMB formed - convenient lots on residential common area are open for rental. Rentals will go into JMB account. This will be a big plus to suppliment the maintenances cost.

  42. Is Birch Plaza under residential title or commercial title?

    How much is the maint fee per month?

    Can anyone help to clarify? TQ.

  43. is under residential title.

    current rate is 0.20/sqft. The JMB is given the task to reduce the cost.

  44. Now we already have 2 banks and a supermarket, a post office will further enhance the popularity and value Penang Time Square!

  45. It is freehold or leasehold? Anyone can help?

  46. I visited Birch Plaza.

    Unlike the negative comments here, it is not bad after all.

    Everything is within walking distance.
    Almost all the facilites are available.
    Very easy to access to Jelutong Expressway to go to FTZ.

    Much better than The Spring.

    The only worry I have is whether the commercial lots (Times Square) will be successful.

  47. Last time is The Spring condo, now is TimeSquare Condo, penthouse summore....what's next? :-)


  48. hi all,can i seek some advice from all senior?
    birch plaza phase 1 ,10th floor unit 3 ,
    can i know this unit facing which area?
    or anyone can provide the level unit location?
    thank you for your all help