Sea-ing off the island in the sun

Uncertain future: Fishermen have been expressing concern that their livelihood could be affected by proposed development.

Development is often a good thing and change is constant. But as hills are cleared, trees felled and beaches threatened, the island of Penang may be in for just too much of a good thing.

The breeze was like a balm on a lazy, sunny day. On the porch of the big house, an old man was dozing in a big chair.

Home prices may go up at a lower 5% to 8%

The property market is expected to remain challenging, with the hike in house prices slowing to between 5% and 8% this year, compared with 7% to 10% last year.

Rahim & Co Chartered Surveyors Sdn Bhd director Sulaiman Akhmady Mohd Saheh expects prices to rise but sees only marginal price gains for the residential sector.

Property market to remain challenging in 2016

The property market is expected to remain challenging with moderate activity in 2016, says real estate consultancy firm Rahim & Co.

It said on Thursday that prices are still expected to rise but it would be more marginal for the residential sector.

"Depending on location and type of property, some may see price consolidation as the gap between sellers' asking prices closing towards buyers' expected prices," it said.