Report claims no signs of housing bubble

Some allude that Malaysia is living in a housing bubble and a burst is in the offing. Do these arguments hold water?

The ramifications of a bubble burst are disastrous as seen with The Great Recession in the United States, in which its effects were felt globally.

A recent study by a research team from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) zeroed in on the current state of Malaysia’s housing market, and stated that there are no characteristics of a housing bubble in the present downtrend.

Seafront gem

Seafront gem: Asia Green designs diverse residences for the trendy islander.

Penang is a locale in high demand amongst investors and homebuyers alike.

However, as land is becoming scarce especially on the island, it is rather difficult to come across property choices that are both architecturally sound and enjoy unrivalled location within the island.

Advancing south west penang

Penang: Ideal Property Group joins in the transformation of Jewel of the Straits.

With a vibrant culture and rich history, the small island of Penang continues to evolve. Impressive contemporary buildings around the island complemented heritage landmarks, presenting an interesting combination of classic elegance and modern chic.

Ideal Property Group, based in the exquisite Jewel of the Straits, have brought vigorous changes to Penang’s south western district over the years.